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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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as. if it's crimes of horrific critics also one of the e.u.'s putting profits a bowl of cereal lloyds the e.u. under fire as it emerges its latest sanctions against the syrian regime won't come into force for another two months. spain getting ready for a fresh wave of protests as its senate meets to discuss capping the budget deficit ahead of wednesday's crucial vote a move many fear will lead to huge social cuts the. path of discontent years of israel's rallies against social injustice forty years ago during recent protests on the same theme say the problems have only gotten worse. also as ukraine attempts to renegotiate gas prices with moscow russia is about to start building the north stream on the sea pipeline to bypass eventually transit countries and deliver gas
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directly to european consumers more on that in twenty. one pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story the head of the arab league is due to visit syria wednesday in a bid to persuade the country's leader to end the six month long crackdown on the uprising there this after the country's announced a new round of sanctions against the regime but as our he's daniel bushell reports from brussels many question why the western concern is for syrian lives or oil revenues. william hague britain's foreign secretary says horrific scenes of brutality have forced this oil burning in syria but bizarrely sanctions won't start for over a month. but they will keep you in only when europeans or all firms complete their
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supply contracts which. and oil fields developed by e.u. energy giants like french to toll on being touched from an ethical point of view because the sanctions will start only in november and we go on with rejection of oil as a result the e.u. may end up subsidizing the regime they oppose big oil industry can use sixty day payment which means the e.u. could still be funding bashed into next year if a crime the horrific critics of what the e.u. is putting profit above syria lives. diplomats warn sanctions won't even hit the morgue they hope all the repeat will not the leadership they claim to target and most importantly europe's oil companies have to be on the shoulders of the syrian people their companies are protective the e.u. is also hurting itself think exposed as the most useful simply shifts a ploy so the competition if you look at syria. already the chinese authorities
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have said that they would by any account you officials hope you stocks of the black gold from libya will take up the slack but they may be because appointed will not start being productive and your lady and next and if they were an embargo on syrian oil. they would be short. the war against colonel gadhafi taking much longer than the west expected may be cutting off one supply for a secured another the new cultural fraud seen in brussels. dr tartt faction are from the philadelphia university in jordan says that although the blame is being pinned on the syrian government the opposition has also been responsible for a good deal of violence and this two thousand people. is sort of they say but in these two thousand maybe they are insurgents or some of them are in syria but
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remember there is also one thousand soldiers killed in syria so these one thousand soldiers impossibile that they had been killed by by peaceful demonstrations definitely of them demonstrations in syria was not peaceful in any sense because otherwise how could it possible that one thousand army men and policemen have been killed during this five month yes there is the mistrust problem or size but we have the current situation and we should sit on the table and negotiate because there is no other solution. to libya now where rebels have captured a crew of oil engineers and cokes from former soviet countries as they suspected them of being pro khadafi snipers to russians have been released along with the ukrainian couple after they managed to contact the russian embassy but about twenty ukrainians are still being held or he's very if you know she now has more from tripoli. well as far as we know thirty two people including two owners of the russian passports and also the russian and ukrainian citizens apparently working
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for the russian libyan all company here in tripoli engineers and kooks men and women have been arrested here in tripoli shortly after the rebels to the libyan capital and have been put into one of the rebels' training center here in the capital after they've been accused of been snipers of khadafi we have been able to speak to the detainees and they deny all allegations because one for some reason slavic people are snipers we have nothing to do with we came here to earn money peacefully this people say that they've been provided with food and water but some of them have been severely beaten and tortured by the rebels the russian embassy has actually managed to release two owners of the russian passport and ukrainian couple birds around twenty other ukrainians us to be held by the rebels here in tripoli. the ukrainian embassy refused to take them they say they don't have
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running water they said that they don't have proper accommodation so they would be better to stink of city. as well the latest what we're hearing from bani walid southeast of the capital tripoli where the fighting over it off his last name stronghold has been continuing in the last few days is that the rabble forces have reportedly reached a deal with the kidnappers loyalists on the ground to and to the city without fighting this information is yet to be confirmed if the research you do if the research in agreement between the rebel forces and cut off his forces in balad well the that actually would mean a breakthrough and we also receive in the course that scores of the libyan army's vehicles have reportedly crossed the frontier border into niger and many believe that gadhafi himself could also be in manned and good also. have fled the country and we have stood in these three pools just. information chief moose that
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big game has claimed and then buckled currently in the country and has no plans to leave it any time soon. meanwhile british prime minister david cameron has called for an inquiry into claims u.k. intelligence agents extradited terror suspects to libya where they were allegedly tortured the allegations surfaced after human rights groups in tripoli found documents outlining m i six and cia rendition programs but former british intelligence officer any machine on expects the probe to be so swept under the carpet. when david cameron calls for an inquiry into these allegations he's been critically disingenuous under the u.k. law and the inquiries act two thousand and five any inquiry this is established including this in this torture inquiry headed up i said peter gibson is circumscribed by the very organizations that are being investigated in this case and i five and i six so it's going to be toothless plus of course the other consideration with this is that's a piece he keeps in himself he's heading up this inquiry was actually intelligence
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services commissioner for five years prior to taking on this role so he's been cozying up to the intelligence services in the u.k. for five years i doubt if he's going to unearth anything liberally perhaps he probably will shine a bright light in the dark corner should we say he'll be friends with the intelligence agencies they will have lost all credibility they have double deals in libya food decades now and really their chickens are coming home to roost and i can't see how any government comes into power in libya will trust whatever m i six or the british government now says. a war in libya could fuel british and french appetites for a new interventions according to rosemary hollis a professor of middle east policy studies at sydney university law get a full interview coming your way in a little more about an hour but here's a sneak peek. cameron and tacos he took a massive gamble that they could pull something off in libya. that would contrast with the disaster that was the intervention in iraq i knew no hope presidents are
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talking as though this is a template for future interventions this is very much a kind of proxy war which must be extremely exciting and exhilarating at some level to be involved so the appetite for further interventions will exist. spain is bracing itself for a mass protests as the countries of wednesday's vote on a hotly contested change to the constitution that will. cap the budget deficit in a bid to fend off the debt crisis that's in golf in europe union say fixing a deficit limit means sacrificing social welfare for the sake of markets and authorities are reports with rising repossessions and unemployment many people are taking matters into their own hands. this was the last time when he carmen had guests over at her house just a day after artie came to visit she along with her fourteen year old son was
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evicted from the subsidized flat she called home for five years they needed a car i was fifteen days late with a payment i paid five hundred twenty four year zero and they still wanted a victory even though i paid everything and it was months ago soured out since then marie carmen has spent most of her time fighting to keep her apartment calm and collected but the pressure of losing a roof over her head caused mary carmen to suffer a heart attack what if these apartments should be distributed in such a way that people can afford to pay for them but a lot of times they can't and i'm going to fight to make this type of housing more affordable and normal off their requirements case is not unique in spain the country's an employment rate of over twenty percent means many people are simply unable to make their next mortgage payments in the past two years more than three hundred thousand people have been evicted from their homes as a result of spain's by natural crisis this is where members of the fifteen m. movement come in. according to the international human rights convention every
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person has a right to decent housing if addiction is inevitable they have to make sure these people are not going to go homeless because you just can't keep them out on the street that they're going to see she is known as the indignados or the outraged these staged protests by homes of those who are be victims hoping to prevent corp leaders and the police from entering sometimes they succeed like with this woman who kept her house because fifteen m. interfered with evolution process. security these are subsidized housing for people who are in tough situations financially so i can't understand how they can evict people who cannot afford to buy their own homes but because so far fifteen m. have really is to stop fifty vixens across the country and for. we will make carmen and her son he will power and this time every vixen is the cement job and the people gathered here believe they are fighting social justice but some wonder
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whether the efforts of this group of people are enough to solve the problems within this parish system itself in madrid. righty. meanwhile the incoming head of the european central bank says the eurozone should be more financially integrated his followers outgoing chief john call for the creation of a centralized financial government for europe but financial writer peter build tells r.t. the eurozone system is so flawed that he thinks increasingly pratik institutions will do little to save the single currency it may indeed be if not too late and certainly very late in the day in order to institute the financial government for europe the system could collapse before it is politically possible to put these sorts of measures in place but at the same time although parliaments if you like don't want europe to collapse there is a growing feeling both within parliaments and also amongst the people who elected
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parliaments and that's certainly true of germany the most pro european in all of the of all of the countries so there is a certain patients a way in up is it really worth giving up a sovereignty and b. possibly a lot of money in order to save a system that was falsely designed right from the beginning it is certainly a question that parliaments are going to be putting to each other over the next coming months. coming up later max keiser and stacy herbert discuss the behavior of banks and the ongoing debt crisis here's a quick look at that. union members and activist groups are demanding harsher punishments against the bankers because according to a report this year by the new economics foundation they said the banks have made sixty billion pounds out of the financial crisis they helped create most of it is due to selling debt to the government that's a plus start scam it's an insurance scam it's are some scam and they get paid out on credit default swaps or other form of insurance so-called insurance and they
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collect money as mafia terrorist bankers or financial terrorists that's what they are other terrorists get paid per acts of terrorism and vandalism.
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light on the. video on demand exceeds mine. are a sense feed now in the palm of your. on the dot com. carrying out israel where mass protests against a perceived lack of social justice have been inspired by a voice from the past a prominent member of the israeli black panther movement who staged similar protests in the seventies have joined the crowds as are his parsley reports he says he is frustrated that forty years later he feels the state of israel has become the enemy of its people. this is actual protests in israel are winding down and in much need of a dose of inspiration stirring the crowds a man whose ideas inspired a previous generation i forty years of brutal to protest against the lack of
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justice. the year. for the next generation to rise up and now forty years later my business being realized. it was nine hundred seventy one eighty youngsters from one of jerusalem's poorest neighborhoods banded together and changed the course of israeli history they were immigrants from north africa and i would countries and they took a name from the african american black panthers and they call for social justice. the rain. really. and thanks to them for the first time social issues were put on the public agenda radical and sometimes violent they clashed with the establishment over the way they're not nice boys but. one of my proudest moments was when golda said it showed that we were
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powerful and had achieved something and it showed as we were on the right path it's latin. and it was a path there for nearly two months this year inspired hundreds of thousands of israelis to again take to the streets they gave us a legacy saying that if you really believe in something and you think you're right and you don't use violence per se you can get. whatever you're fighting for and although the tensile so he coming down prime minister netanyahu still has a lot on so full in three weeks the committee he set up needs to address how to fix the country's mounting social problems not actually done not only have we not progressed but the country has become an enemy of its people everywhere citizens are harassed there are more police and now it's not only the lower class who are suffering but the middle class as well. and so forty years on the ideas and dreams of these mean because into. the challenges they face intent on the
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destructive missions regional and evil and the new threats of these weighty palestinian showdown could at any time it takes center stage twenty three on t.v. . and ahead of a u.n. vote on palestinian statehood set for later this month israel says it will allow security forces to shoot at palestinian protesters if they marched in support of the bid in order to protect west bank settlers we have reaction on that on our web site r.t. dot com. this is the one to be i think the most of the cases the biggest unions they'd be attached to raise the settlers as opinion from one peace activist who says a tougher response by israel may only escalate tensions between both sides also long running background on the palestinian israeli conflict ahead of the historic vote and much more at r.t. dot com.
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taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe australian police are negotiating with a man holding a child hostage outside a sydney court they have police have sealed the area off witnesses say the suspect claimed he was carrying a bomb in his backpack according to some reports the captive may be the man's are loving year old daughter. scuffles have broken out between protesters and police outside a courthouse in cairo where the trial of former president hosni mubarak is underway hundreds of demonstrators tried to break through the main gate same gain entry for senior police officers testified against mubarak at the hearing today was held behind closed doors the former leader's charged with corruption and ordering the deaths of protesters during the february uprising. that toppled in from tower. former general david petraeus taking up a new post as america's top spy he earned his reputation as a key player in the u.s.
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wars in iraq and afghanistan despite podger versity surrounding some of those conflicts his career soared leading into the chair of the cia director after almost four decades in military service. and got plenty more for you a click away at r.t. dot com here's what's lined up on our website right now. not exactly criminal behavior but a lawsuit from chicago alleges six year old school kids were handcuffed for talking out into. a bid for the guinness book of records moscow celebrates its birthday with a spectacular forty light show with up to eight hundred thousand people getting the chance to travel from sea to stars in a couple of minutes. the official. pulled from the.
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business next with dmitri stay with us. thanks man it's a big day for the russian gas industry as it starts filling the new undersea pipeline to europe get the liveries through the first clause of the north stream project due to begin in two months and twelve hundred kilometer pipeline is plans to provide fifty five billion cubic meters of gas to european consumers annually this is about half the amount of gas currently being exported through ukraine to europe when completed next year it will become belong just under sea pipeline in the world. he world against his people tween moscow and kiev as more twists and turns than a viper but that wasn't enough ukraine has big budget problems it's got to get its
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deficit down in order to receive i.m.f. funding and that's no easy task. but it has very few means of closing the budget deficit so really go seriously with gazprom as is one way of doing that he's not in a position of strength ukraine is it has signed a contract for several years at a certain price for gas and now is trying to renegotiate so how it's going to actually have any kind of success we have gazprom is an open question for me. so you get the markets now starting with commodities light sweet is down to under pressure on worries that slowing growth in the united states and in china could curb demand meanwhile brant is actually up one dollar to over one hundred eleven dollars per barrel. precious metals have a raised gains and moved into the red gold is losing point four percent silver one point three percent this is as investors are coming back into stocks european markets are in positive territory investors are taking
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a break from two days of heavy selling hotel and restaurant operator whitbread is up seven point six percent after the company reported a thirteen percent rise in second quarter sales will seize up one point two percent purcell this is the picture in russia my sex is up one point two percent one point one percent rather the r.t.s. almost percent although both indices actually dropped within half a percent in the first minutes let's take a look at the breakdown of the main movers on the nice legs most energy majors are bouncing back from monday's losses this fight actually going down that is to i though lou corals up one percent new clients retailer m.d.o. is gaining on news of a possible merger with its rival el dorado and north nichols also on the rise that's after one of the main shareholders will sour the wine one b. fifteen percent buyback offer made by a nickel producer and the like other from gas from banks says the russian market is
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cheap and promises profits if you choose the right stocks you have to look for the companies which are all this or you think will do all the. vulnerable in this market environment probably the most was more mature more oriented towards domestic market and less exposed to refute your thought in the sheesh you will fluctuations because with all of this you cannot really have predict. a hundred percent of the ruble global currency performance or nearest three year so that's why i think it's better to have a support of the companies which gives you some hedge against you but i sure will be able to a local currency which has to do heels. of the good business and will crash while. another news russian technology says is going to hire one of the main subsidiaries in an i.p.o. in four years time analysts say will most likely offer electronic biotechnology and engineering assets because they run corp is going to spend the proceeds on
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a new investment fund to buy into foreign assets russia technologies controls twenty five companies including russian helicopters and giant b s m p o it's my. turn over on the russian stock market last month was a record for august sales at the ten largest brokers on the night x. almost double the usual volume to more than seventy eight billion dollars brokers say it benefiting from an increasing number of clients who are rushing to buy into the market after the heavy sell off amount. russia has seen its first monthly fall in prices in six years consumer prices fell point two percent in august lowering inflation for the first day month of four point seven percent and they say the unexpected result was due to a good harvest and slow economic growth russian prime minister vladimir putin says he expects consumer prices to grow eight percent this year. coming up next and i
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think the headlines with that. coming. up. the limits.
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to physicists. chemists. see. today violence is once again flared up if these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada asked. for asians are willing to submit.
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